• The Governing body held’s the meeting twice in an academic year and takes decisions regarding infrastructure development, facilities in the college, instruments in various departments, chemical and glassware requirements, teaching and non teaching staff recruitment etc. The budget is proposed as per the above requirements.
  • The above proposals are forwarded to the management through the convener.
  • The Convener acts as the representative of the management.
  • The Principal wields the powers with regard to financial and to all the academic and administrative matters including the conduct of examinations.
  • Each of the departments has a head of the department who, in turn, assigns various tasks to different members of faculty.
  • For undertaking examination-oriented tasks,  Principal is the Chief superintendent of Examinations
  • Principal is assisted by office assistants who are involved in college maintenance, admissions, scholarships etc. 
  • All the monetary transactions (both the receipts and payments) are processed through a Nationalized bank
  • The faculty and students are involved in several activities in addition to academic assignments.
  • Every Funded project has a coordinator who is totally responsible along with his or her team for the project. Principal wields financial power.
  • On the whole, the members of faculty and non-teaching staff of the college believe in the dignity of labor, and all the functions of the college are meticulously planned, properly coordinated and perfectly executed.
  • Organization Structure
    (Organizational chart showing the hierarchy of academics and administration is to be included).
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