Instructions to Students


Instructions to Students

  1. The students shall obey by the rules and discipline enforced and those may hereafter be made for the administration of the college
  2. He/She shall do nothing, either inside or outside the college premises that will hinder the orderly administration and functioning of college.
  3. Parents/guardians are supposed to have agreed to the rules when their wards join the college and sign the declaration form at time of admission.
  4. Attendance in all lectures, tutorials tests, internal assessments and examinations is compulsory. The students shall have a minimum attendance of 75-80 per cent in each subject and in each term. This undertaking is included in the admission form itself.
  5. The list of roll numbers of the students with lack of attendance is put up every month. Parents/ guardians of the students with poor attendance records are informed in writing, in expectation of improving attendance. Henceforth, lack of or insufficient attendance will call for disciplinary action. Such students may not be allowed to take final examination.
  6. Every student must wear the valid Identity Card, with in the college premises. They must maintain silence during the lectures and must not loiter in the corridors when lectures are being conducted.
  7. Ragging, smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks, intoxicants and narcotic drugs in college campus is strictly prohibited.
  8. An act which causes damage or deface of the property of the college or organising raids in the college premises is an act of indiscipline and He/She is liable for punishment.
  9.  No person shall be invited to address a meeting of any society without the prior permission of the principal.
  10.  Students may participate or be a member of any educational, cultural, or social association outside the college.
  11. In case of violation of rules, student will be given punishment in the form of cancellation of admission or/and rustication from the college.


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